Senso macOS Client Installation Guide 

This guide explains how the Senso Client can be installed on a macOS device 



You will need a Senso Client installer package to install the client. Currently the process of obtaining an installer package is manual. In the future this process will be automated and the relevant installers will be available directly from the portal. 

To get an installer package, please contact Support who will get the correct installer for you. 


About The Install 

The client installer package comes preconfigured with License & Assignment keys. The installer will create directories and assign permissions. The installer will not assign permissions as this feature is not permitted by the operating system. See the permissions guide for information on how to assign permissions to the app. 


Silent Install 

The senso client can be installed silently via the terminal using the following command: 

sudo installer -pkg path/to/SensoClient-installer-x64-0.1.0.pkg -target / 


You will be prompted for an admin password, once entered the process will install in the background.  

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Active Install 

The senso client can be installed using the package installer GUI. 

  • Double click or open the .pkg 
    Graphical user interface 
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  • Complete the license agreement 

  • Select the destination select 

  • You will be prompted for administrator credentials 
    Graphical user interface 
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  • The installer will run 

  • If the installer is successful you will see the following screen 
    Graphical user interface, application 
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If the installer is unsuccessful for any reason, please ensure the account used to install has admin credentials. 


You can verify that the product has been installed by opening a Finder window and navigating to: /Library/Renato Software/Senso Client/ 

This directory should contain the application and any config files required by the client 

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Start Client 

Add the client as a loginitem in System Preferences  Users & Groups to start the client when a user logs on. 


Uninstall Client 

The client installer creates an uninstall script. If you wish to uninstall the client, please use this script as the client creates directories and modifies permissions on the device. The uninstall script will cleanup everything the client modifies. The only directory / files left behind are the log files in the Collateral folder. 


To uninstall the client run the following command: 

sudo sh path/to/ 


You will be prompted for administrator credentials. If your account does not have the required privileges to run elevated commands, you will need to run terminal as a user with elevated privileges and try again. 

The uninstaller will run and output a success message when finished. 

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If the uninstaller is unable to run, you can manually uninstall the client by performing the following steps: 

  • Remove all permissions for the app in  Security & Privacy: 

  • sudo tccutil reset All com.renatosoftware.SensoMacClient 

  • Delete the following directories and all sub directories / content 

  • /Library/Renato Software/ 

  • /Library/Application Support/Renato Software/ 

  • Removing the installation record from pkgutil 

  • sudo pkgutil --forget "com.renatosoftware.SensoMacClient" 

All of these steps must be performed using elevated credentials otherwise the client may not install correctly next time you come to install it on this machine.