This article documents the permissions and privileges the Senso client requires to function properly and information about the supported permissions.

Directory permissions

The client .app file requires the following permissions to the local file system:

The installer script will apply read / write permissions to these directories automatically during install. If these permissions are modified, the app will not function correctly.

Operating system permissions

The client utilises native operating system API’s for the best experiences, this requires the app to be assigned these permissions in:

System preferences > Security and privacy

The following permissions are required by the client:

These permissions can only be granted by a user or a configuration profile, deployed through an MDM. 

There is no method for the application installer to automatically assign these permissions, once the client has been installed you must assign these permissions.

User assigned permissions

When the user runs the app, the permissions will be auto prompted by the operating system.

 Click ‘Open system preferences’. If this prompt does not appear, go to:

  1. System preferences > Security and privacy.
  2. Click the lock in the bottom left of the window.
  3. Provide an administrator user and password for the device.
  4. Click‘Unlock’.

  • In the list on the left hand side, find and click Accessibility 
    • Find the Senso client app
    • If the app is not already in the list, click +
    • Find Senso in /Library/Renato Software/Senso Client/Senso 
    • Ensure the tick box is ticked
  • In the list on the left hand side, find and click Screen Recording 
    • Find the Senso Client app
    • If the app is not already in the list, click +
    • Find the Senso in /Library/Renato Software/Senso Client/Senso
    • Ensure the checkbox is ticked.
    • Click the lock on the bottom left to save the changes.
If you see a pop-up once the screen recording permissions have been changed, press ‘quit later’ and then click the lock.

Now go to the Senso client icon in the top bar and press ‘Quit’. The app should re-launch automatically and connect you correctly.

MDM assigned permissions

A configuration profile containing these permissions for the Senso client app will need tobe deployed to the device. Read more about configuration profiles here.