Version 2.11 - Released 14/01/2022


Service Desk

QueueTicketId Placeholder 

The Queue Ticket Id from a ticket can now be used as a placeholder in email templates  


Audit Logging 

Actions taken throughout Service Desk are now logged within the Audit Logs 


Closure Codes 

When a technician closes a ticket, a new tab will appear called ‘Closure’ – this tab contains a text field and a dropdown list to add in information when closing and closure codes. Closure codes can be configured within admin center (Admin Center > Service Desk > Productivity > Responses > Closure Codes)


Time spent on Ticket

When a technician closes a ticket, a new tab will appear called ‘Closure’ – this tab will contain an integer field for the use to add in the time spent (in minutes) on the ticket. 


Add Placeholders to Email Template Subject

We have added in functionality to allow users to add the placeholder values into the subject field when setting up an email template. When clicking on a placeholder there will now be an option to select ‘Add to Subject’ or ‘Add to Template’ – depending on which is selected, the placeholder will be added to the last position of the mouse within that field. 

Export Ticket Information via CSV

Added in the ability for technicians to export Support Ticket information into a CSV file

Violation Export to Include "Notes"

The violation log CSV export will now include any notes attached to a violation log

Data Sync

ClassLink Integration

We have now added Support to Integrate ClassLink within Senso, allowing you to import your classes directly into the Senso Console.

To find out how to Configure ClassLink for your Organisation, please visit: Classlink Integration Setup




Added Violation Logs to User Activity Timeline Report 

The user activity timeline report now includes data for the users violation logs during the time period selected, in addition to the already included website logs, activity logs and devices used. 

Filter boxes added to application and website logs

The filters within Application and Website logs have been moved outside of the table and put into their own filter box, similar to the way filtering within Violation Logs are displayed.

Service Desk

Overview Search to include Queue Ticket Id

When searching in the service desk overview, the search field previously only filtered by ticket title; this will now also include the ticket queue id (#STQueue-123)


Order the Table Data by Created on Table Overview 

When you use any of the filters on the Service Desk Overview, the view changes to table. This table was defaulted to order by the flag; this should now default order by the date created column in descending order 


Enable Username without Device selected on Device Setup 

Previously the username field was disabled until a device was selected when setting up the device on a support ticket, now the user can select a username without having the device selected 



The dashboard has been revamped in Service Desk. We have added an abundance of new analytics to further assist technicians in responding to tickets. The data returned on the dashboard is filtered by the last 30 days and only tickets assigned to queues the user has access too. If the ticket does not have a queue, it will only show these queueless tickets if the users permissions allow access to view these. 

  1. Open tickets count: A basic count of tickets with the state ‘Open’ 
  2. Closed tickets count: A basic count of tickets with the state ‘Closed’
  3. On Hold tickets count: A basic count of tickets with the state ‘On Hold 
  4. Waiting for User tickets count: A basic count of tickets with the state ‘Waiting for User’
  5. Status of Active Tickets Chart: A horizontal bar chart displaying a count of the Active (Open, On Hold, Waiting for User) ticket statuses 
  6. Priority of Active Tickets Chart: A horizontal bar chart displaying a count of the Active (Open, On Hold, Waiting for User) ticket priorities  
  7. Upcoming ticket deadlines: A table of tickets where the estimated response date or estimated fix date is within the next 24 hours   
  8. Tickets assigned to Me: A list of tickets assigned to the current user. Allowing them to click the queue ticket id to redirect to the ticket 
  9. Tickets assigned per Queue: A list of queues with a count and percentage display of how many tickets there are per queue  


Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated

Figure 1: Dashboard (Before)

Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated

Figure 2: Dashboard (After

Service Desk Reports

We have added in new reporting for Service Desk. Admins can now run reports for the following:

  • Tickets by Origin
  • Closed vs Resolved
  • Tickets by Status
  • Tickets by State

In addition to running reports against the Ticket States directly from the Analytics Dashboard


Add Client Version to Console List View

The version that the client is on is now displayed within the List View. Any clients that require updating will display an upgrade button beside the version where users can easily trigger an update of the client.

Other Improvements Include:

  • Service Desk Ticket in Light Mode Button
  • Multiple UI Improvements
  • Service desk Ticket delete icon has been moved
  • Should be possible to drag and drop device onto group icon as well as name.
  • Ability to remove cartoon background in dark mode
  • Lock Screen Module UI/UX Changes



Live Chat Module

Closing a Live Chat does not work

When enabling ‘Close remote chat window and End Chat’ or entering the message ‘endchat’ into the Live Chat module before running, the chat would not be closed down 


AUP Response Module

AUP Form taking long to close after policy has been accepted

When the client had accepted the Acceptable Use Policy, the form would remain open for a period of around 3 minutes, preventing the user from using their computer. 


Service Desk Module

Title and Description still have character limit validation

The minimum character requirement was removed throughout Service Desk for Title and Description, this has now also been applied to the module. 


Attempting to create a Support Ticket from Toolbar on Live fails to load anything

When loading the toolbar onto a client with the support ticket option enabled, clicking on the support ticket button would do nothing. Nothing would load and no error would occur – this has been a long-standing issue. A few configurations were missing and have now been added. 

Service Desk deleted tickets timing out and not loading results 

When clicking to view all deleted tickets within Service Desk, the page would remain in a constant loading state as it timed out and the tickets would never be loaded



The Group filter within Logging did not show nested groups 

The group filter within the logging area of the Admin Center, would not show nested groups beyond the first level so the user could not filter by any nested groups. 


Service Desk

Updating an Automation Rule results in “at least 1 action is required” error

When updating an automation rule in Service Desk and trying to save it, the above error occurs regardless of whether an action has been added or not


Job title field squashed when creating ticket

Creating a ticket from the portal resulted in the job title field shrinking to be unusable on smaller screens. 


Uncommon Scenario: Add External Form Setting constant loading state, 500 error “The specified string is not in the form required for an e-mail address.”

Adding an external access setting, the modal remains in a constant loading state caused by an unhandled exception whereby a user in Service Desk has an email formatted incorrectly. Although this is unlikely, we have added a fix to handle this scenario.


Creating a Category without any Subcategories results in 500 console error

When adding a category within the Service Desk Admin Center which has no subcategories added, it would throw an error and remain in a constant loading state. 


Filter Ticket Overview by Queue and Permissions Access

Some of the filters within the admin service desk overview would display tickets from queues the user did not have access too.  Now, the only tickets that will show are tickets which have a queue assigned that the user has access to OR if the user has the access permission assigned to view queueless tickets then they will be able to view and filter by tickets without a queue assigned 


Opening an Automation Rule that has no Action / Criteria Entered Errors

When a user tries to edit an automation rule where an action or criteria has been added but the fields have not been filled, the edit modal remains in a loading state and a console error appears. After the changes: 

  1. The user should not be able to add an automation rule without filling these fields 
  2. When editing previous rules where this was possible, it should no longer error 


‘Assign To’ field not populated when editing Task 

When adding a service desk task with the ‘Assign To’ field having a value, when editing the same task, the Assign To dropdown does not select the value so it looks like its blank when its not. 


Asset Manager

Site Select Styling Bugs

When the page is reduced in size the label for the site dropdown gets squashed. The styling of the site dropdown also differs to the rest of Senso in that it is expanded to the full width of the screen


Cannot remove a user from a pin group.

Issue where some users were unable to remove devices/users from a Pin group.

Remote screen  - Full Screen drop down toolbar UI Improvement

Improved the toolbar drop down based on customer feedback.

Customers Default Site Selection

Some customers Default Site selections were not working as expected. This has now been resolved.