ClassLink Integration Options and Functions


Below will be detail on how to setup automatic User Import for the ClassLink Integration and also use the other tools available for the integration. 

These can be accessed via the options button below the integration statistics in the Data sync area of your Admin portal in Senso.


The first option available is the settings menu.

Once clicked the following panel will be visible:

Automatically Create Users:

When enabled, teachers will have user accounts created during the Roster Server data sync. Teachers will only be created if they have classes linked to them populated with students. The username will match the teacher’s email from within the Roster Server dataset. Default Role

Users automatically created by enabling Automatically Create Users setting will be given the role selected. This setting is recommended to avoid manual population of user roles but not required.

User Group Resync

The User Group Resync option allows you to queue up a sync of a individual users groups.This allows a refresh of a users group data in case of a mismatch or if a new user has been added.

To sync a user, search and select their email using the field provided and click the “Sync Selected User” button.

User Import

If automatic sync is turned off users can be imported manually from this option.

Once navigated to, we will request any valid teacher records from your Roster Server data. As with the Automatic User Sync, only teachers with populated classes will be available to import. Once the fetch has completed you will be presented with the following

When importing users through this view you have two options; Bulk or Single 


To import a single user click the “View” button beside the teacher you wish to import.

On the individual import screen, you can select a role and site you wish the user to be assigned to. Once selected click the “Import” button to import the user. Any errors in this process will be presented to the left of the “Import” button Once the user has been imported it will queue up a sync of that user’s groups automatically.


To bulk import users use the “Bulk Imports” button at the top of the User Import view


Select Multiple teachers can be selected in the top select window by holding the control key, alternatively you can use the Select All button to import all the teachers within the list. 


Shows a list of available Roles within Senso. The role selected here will be assigned to each user created 

Site Assignment

Shows a list of available Sites within Senso. Each user will be assigned to the selected site. Once you’ve selected the desired users, role and site click the “Import Users” button to begin the import. Once the import has completed an overview will be shown on the status of each import, including any failures that need to be reviewed. A request to sync groups will be requested for each user automatically when imported successfully.

Adding Classlink App:

When adding Senso as an App in the Classlink Admin portal, you will need to edit the application and put in this information.