Currently when you rename a device, Senso will generate a new .cer (certificate file) with the new device name. We are aware the old .cer remains present and can cause issues with how the device is presented to the portal.

In my example, I have renamed a device previously called TF-Desktop-01 to TF-Desktop-10

This has created a new .cer however the old has been remained. We recommend if renaming remotely or via script to include commands such as:

del "C:\Program Files\Renato\\*.cer

del "C:\Program Files\Renato\\sensoconnection.dat"

The /*.cer will remove any .cer files from the location , once the Senso service has been restarted it will create a new .cer with the correct name and be the only certificate file present.

The sensoconnection.dat removal will allow your device to collect a new token under the new name.

These commands can also be ran on devices that have already been renamed as it will simply clear out and refresh the data required to communicate with the Senso portal.

We are looking to resolve this at a client level, however for now we need to manage this locally.