Release Version: 2.12 



Senso integrates with ClassLink's Roster Server solution to bring across teacher user account data from ClassLink into Senso without need for any manual imports. Data includes classes, teachers, and students. Teachers can be imported as users automatically during the sync without the need for manual creation and will be automatically assigned a role, configured during setup. Manual import of teachers into Senso is also available for more control. Classes imported will be assigned to the relevant teacher and will be available in their portal to start monitoring and managing their students. 


What's new:   

ClassLink SSO - ClassLink single sign-on is now available on the portal login page and a quick launch app within ClassLink Launchpad App. Users and teachers with accounts within Senso will now be able to login via ClassLink to prevent the need to login to multiple systems and remember multiple credentials!  

Standard View

By default, the user preferences will default to ‘Technical View’ which is the view we all know and love. However, there has now been a preference added to User Preferences which allows users to switch their console to ‘Standard View’.  Standard view is a simplified, more basic view of the console – it allows users to create groups which are shown within the Group View tab, clicking on the group then opens the Thumbnail View tab where users can view all devices and run actions against them as you can in Technical View.  

Any advanced features that become overwhelming for some users have been removed, such as… the tree view, the list view, policies etc. 



Context Menu

Added ability to pin modules directly to the right click context menu, allowing users to right click on devices to run modules and shortcuts seamlessly from the context, allowing for minimal clicks 




Customer Feedback

There is now a section directly within Senso that allows users to leave feedback requesting new features, adding suggestions and report bugs about all areas of the product. 


Switch User Integration 

Switch User Integration gives a user the ability to change which user's integration groups appear in the groups section. Useful if a substitute teacher needs access to another teacher's integration groups.  Integration Access now gives a user the ability to give another user access to an integration group, just like any other normal group. Integration Bulk Access allows the user to not only select multiple users to give access to a group (which can currently already be done in normal groups) but also select multiple groups at the same time, useful for giving a user access to multiple groups in one go. 


Improvements to Roles / Permissions  

The permissions area was too long and unmanageable, this area has now been cleaned up and a search bar has been added to make browsing the permissions easier  


Preferences can be assigned to Role 

In the Roles section, Role Preferences can now be set. When enabled they will overwrite a user's preferences (user's settings will remain but just be disabled). If a user has more than 1 role and multiple roles have Role Preferences enabled, then the Role Preference with the highest set priority will take precedence. 




Service Desk: 


Editable Title and Description  

Added the ability to edit a tickets title and description, also added is an additional role which can assign this functionality to a role to limit those that can action it 

Limit Automation Rules based on Queue Access 

When setting up an automation rule, there will now be an option to limit the action to queue access - this will allow for the configuration of a global rule to be created, but still adhering to the access rules for the technicians on actions that involve technicians such as "Email Technicians" and "Assign To" 

Ability for Technicians to update a Ticket Queue  

Added the ability to edit a tickets queue, in addition to an additional role which can assign this functionality to a role to limit those that can action it 

Closure and Resolution placeholders to Email Template 

Added in the ability to add the following: Resolution, Resolution Code, Closure, Closure Code to an email template  

View Ticket Details when running a Report that returns table data 

Added in the ability to click on data within reports returned in a table, to view further information on the ticket 

Enable / Disable Automation Rules 

Users can now enable or disable automation rules  



Service Desk: 

Updated menu styles to be more consistent 

Added Queue to the Archived Tickets table 

Rename ‘Deleted Tickets’ to ‘Archived Tickets’  

Renaming of the ‘Deleted Tickets’ functionality to ‘Archived Tickets’ for improved user experience, as in reality this is what the tickets are. They can then be permanently deleted from the admin center by users will relevant permissions 

Ticket Prefix error message update 

The error message displayed suggested special characters however they could not be used so this has now been updated to be clearer. It is letters only. 

Allow Email Replies from Tickets Created in Portal 

Responses can be added to tickets via email. This functionality has now been expanded to allow email replies for tickets created in the Portal too.  

Added On Hold and Awaiting for User filters to Overview  

When viewing the tickets overview users can now filter the tickets by those ON Hold and Awaiting User using the predefined filters in the sidebar 


Asset Manager: 


Offline Alert filtered by Device and Server or Server Only  

Added in the ability to filter the asset offline alert by server only or both server and device 



Improvements to the MS Teams Sync information  

Added information to the Teams Sync information panel to provide clarity to customers and support 

Opening the screenshot image from the bell violation popup (from thumbnail the image is no longer behind the popup, obscuring the screenshot image  

Filters should query the database to return all results  

Several of the search fields behavior should be consistent across all fields and use AJAX so that all matching logs can be retrieved and filtered as expected. 


Additional column search filters are now consistent with other logging tables  


Misc. Improvements: 


Prevention of Duplication in Custom Detection Libraries 

Preventing the duplicates of already added URLs

Device Table Toolbar Update 

When assigning a device to a site in admin center the save button will now pop up next to the assign devices section only when a device is selected and disappear when none are selected. 

Quick Switch Organization Button 

An easier way for users to switch organizations.  

Next to the org (in the list tree view), there is now a switch org button. This should only be shown for users who have delegated access. 

In the Roles section, Role Preferences can now be set. When enabled they will overwrite a user's preferences (user's settings will remain but just be disabled). If a user has more than 1 role and multiple roles have Role Preferences enabled, then the Role Preference with the highest set priority will take precedence.




Service Desk Fixes: 

Email Forwarding  

Technicians and Users should now be able to create a ticket via email using our email forwarding functionality  

Technician Text difficult to read when editing in Dark or Contrast Mode  

When editing a technician, the email of the technician could now be seen when using the system in Dark or High Contrast Mode 

Automation Rules Issues

Fixed multiple issues with automation rules

Editing or deleting an SLA Alert Configuration always Edits/Deletes the first in the list  

The selection to edit or delete SLA Alert Configurations now won’t load only the first item to be edited or deleted.  

Unable to add Subcategory as Service Desk User  

When creating a ticket as a standard service desk user, the subcategory field will now return options. 

State of Ticket not updating until Closed and Reopened  

When changing tickets state to closed, the actions bar will now update automatically without a refresh and reopen. 

Navigating to Archived (originally deleted) tickets within Service Desk times out  

The spinning icon and  time out error is now gone when clicking to view the archived tickets in the admin center service desk 

Automation Rule dropdown ‘Assign to’ within action tab doesn’t load value on edit  

Editing an Automation Rule that has the Action to ‘Assign To’ now loads the value the user has assigned  

Asset Manager: 

Asset OS not updating from Window 10 to Windows 11  

The asset operating system will now update device information from Windows 10 to Windows 11 

Remove the ability to select Mac Devices in Assets Table 

Users can now view Mac devices within the assets table but the ability to select them will be disabled as the option to run assets on mac devices is not available yet– this is the same as iOS and Chrome 

White Square in Asset Overview (Dark & High Contrast Mode only) 

When viewing a devices asset, the white spacing square causing a UI issue has been removed.  

All Sites selected for Asset Alerts when updating the selected sites  

Now selecting a site for email alerts saves the changes – navigating away from that tab and then navigating will retain the selected sites 

Error ‘index out of bounds of array’ for Server Offline Alerts  

We have now made it mandatory to add the Server Name 

Add options to run Asset Reports between Versions  

This has now been updated so when a user switches to ‘between’ an additional version field is added  

Bandwidth reports returning no data 

The bandwidth reports return data when ran now 

Main Console Portal: 


Thumbnail filtering does not show the checkmark icon on selection  

When filtering the thumbnails by All, Logged In, Logged Out, None the selected option should now display a checkmark icon next to it  

Right clicking a Teams Group, then right clicking an AD Group causes the Teams Group to fill white 

When a user right clicks on a Teams Group and straight after right clicks on an AD Group the Teams Group it will no longer highlight white causing an issue with viewing the groups 

List View does not always show red when a violation occurs 

When a violation is triggered the device name is shown in red and won’t switch back and forth from green to red 

Search box within list view and thumbnail view not clearing text between both views 

When entering text into the list view search box, the value is no longer passed over to the thumbnail search box.  The text is now cleared from the search box and the text will not exist in the other search box.   

Editing a Site returns a Console Error 

Editing sites now does not cause an error  

Fixed issue with running certain modules

Admin Console Portal:

Table Border appears on screen sizes less than 768px 

The border that appeared around the tables within the Admin Center Dashboard when users screen sizes were less than 768px have now been removed. 

Unable to remove Org Admin in Manage Users / Roles 

No imitation now to prevent Org Admin being removed from Users or Roles.  

Audit Logs were limited to 30 days prior 

Users can now select audit logs for more than 30 days prior*. 

*Please note: The range the user can select is still limited to 30 days to prevent timeouts from large data being returned 

First Agreed date is overwritten when new acknowledgement is added 

The first agreed date of an AUP will not be overwritten when a new acknowledgement is added,  unless an AUP has been reset 

Unable to run reports from Dashboard tiles once navigating away from Logging 

Removed the issue of not being able to click containers after navigating away when running reports. 

Clicking on empty data returns errors 

Removal of the continuous loading spinner when clicking on an empty table. 

Search Filters are not honored when removing another filter  

Filtering the logs using multiple filters would return the correct results. 


Misc. UI Fixes: 

Login Partial overlaps on smaller screens 

When the users screen sizes in less than 300px the icons will no longer overlap with each other.  

Unable to log out when getting a 404 error 

The log out option has now been removed and users should only be able to click the button to return to the home page.  

Test Connection not working 

When running the Test Connection now produces results