Feature List

  • Web logs
  • Keyword violations
  • Remote screen
  • Remote control (shared control and full control)

Supported Browsers

- Safari

- Chrome

- Firefox *

*If client machines use Firefox as their default browser, please make the following changes allow the web logs feature to work reliably.

Within Firefox browser search, go to ‘about:config’ and search for ‘accessibility.force_disabled’. The value should be 0, change this to -1.

Menu bar

The only UI for this application is a system tray menu bar. It can be accessed by clicking on the Senso icon in the system tray bar.

About menu

This menu displays the current version and specific build of the client.

Client status

The menu bar displays the current status of the client, the following states are available:

Quit button

If the client enters a failed state, a quit button will become available in the menu. 

If the client is not functioning as expected and the quit button is unavailable, the application can be closed using the Activity Monitor.

This can be found at: Applications > Utility > Activity Monitor. Search in Senso in the top right of the Activity Monitor application, double click Senso Client and press quit.

Log files

Log files following the following naming convention:


All logged events are recorded in this file. 

The following log levels are available:

Error log files

Error log files are also recorded in an additional file. 

This file isn’t split into individual days but instead all error logs are recorded to this single file.