To receive emails regarding violations raised as Urgent and or Critical you must first configure the user to receive the email alerts. 

  1. Open the Admin Center
  2. Click on Console Users from the left-hand menu and then Manage Users.
  3. Apply to an existing user by selecting the Manager User link to the right of their name or configure it when adding new console user.
  4. Select Alerting tab and select either Alert (Urgent/Critical), Weekly Report or both on a per site basis.  

    • Alert (Urgent/Critical) -Violations that require immediate attention and or are life threatening. Violations marked as only as Urgent or Critical will receive an immediate email. Other violations marked as Low, Medium or High will only show in the Logging area.

    • Weekly Report - This is sent out ever Monday morning around 09:00 GMT. It gives you an overview of last weeks violations.

    • Concern Report - Get an email when a new concern report is created. (Refer to Setting up Senso Toolbar)

Click on Confirm to save your changes.