When you remote control a Device or you go into Thumbnail view, you will on occasion see devices with the word "LEGACY" on the screen. This is not something to be alarmed about. Senso switches it's method of remote viewing a device when Senso is no longer able to receive an image from the devices graphics card using built in windows mechanisms; it switches to an older capturing method.  This can happen when the graphics card or monitor goes to sleep for example. When you take control and move the mouse on the device, you will find the device should automatically switch back from Legacy mode, back to its traditional method of viewing the device.

If however you are consistently seeing the LEGACY message even when the device is in use, then you need to check that Legacy mode isn't turned on in the Remote Settings:

If this isn't ticked and you are consistently seeing the Legacy message then you should check the following on the device:

1. Check the device has the latest Graphics Driver

2. Check the device has the latest version of DirectX installed

3. If after the above the message still appears, please get in touch with the Senso Support team