Purchase & Deploy iOS 


This article explains how the iOS app can be purchased from the App Store and deployed to your managed iOS devices. 

Register With Senso 

The app is available privately in the app store through the Apple Business / School Manager program. Follow the guide LINK for instructions on how your organization can gain access to the app. 



Purchase Licenses From Apple 

Once you have gained access to the app, it can be purchased as a custom app through Apple Business / School Manager.  


You should purchase as many licenses as you have physical devices. The licenses purchased through Apple have no relation to your Senso device license count. These licenses relate to the amount of licenses you can distribute via your MDM solution only. The number of licenses can be altered at any time through the Apple web console. 


To purchase licenses, perform the following steps: 

  1. 1. Login to Apple Business / School Manager 

  1. 2. Go to Custom Apps 

  1. 3. Select Senso Mobile (if you do not see this option, ensure your organization has been enrolled and you have custom apps enabled, LINK) 

  1. 4. Under Buy Licenses select the following options 

License Type 


Assign To 

Select an appropriate location 


Select an appropriate quantity 

  1.     Once you have filled in the details click Get 

  1. 5. You should receive a confirmation email from Apple, confirming that the number of licenses requested have acquired successfully. 


You are now ready to deploy the app via your MDM. Since there are many MDM solutions that could be used to deploy the app, please refer to the documentation for your specific vendor to deploy the app. 

Graphical user interface, application

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Enroll Devices 

A guide for manually enrolling devices can be found here. 


If your MDM supports managed deployment configuration for the following keychain entry, auto enrolment is supported: 






Please consult the documentation of your specific MDM solution for the details of this process. 

If your MDM requires a Bundle ID please use com.renatosoftware.SensoMobile


The following keys can be set in the app: 


If your vendor presents configuration through a GUI, you will have to enter the key value pairs and set the datatypes accordingly. If your vendor does not provide a GUI and instead requires a property list (plist) file, copy the following template:













Replace the X with your license key and assignment key (First one being your license key and second being your assignment key)

Example Config:













You can either paste the xml above into your MDM or alternatively you can save the document as configuration.plist file (using Notepad or other text editor). 


Once the app has been deployed to a new device, open the app if it presents the login screen and is visible from the Senso console, the auto enrolment process has completed. 


This process currently does not support changes to configuration, to change where a device is enrolled to you should delete and reinstall the app on the device. 

Third Party MDM Guides on Deploying the App Configuration

Microsoft Intune


Cisco Meraki MDM

Lightspeed MDM