To help resolve issues with connections from your portal there is a Test connection feature that gives you information about what could be the issue and also the Senso support team may ask you to run this and provide the information from the test.  It is checking for any issues with P2P connections with devices or the portal outright. 

To use the Test Connection feature:

1. Click the ? in the top right hand corner of your portal for the Help + Support Menu

2. Choose Test Connection from the drop down menu

3. Senso will ask for permission to Allow Access to your microphone*

*We are not recording any information this is just to build a channel to test the connection.  If you don't have any audio device to use with this tool it won't function properly

4. If you have a successful connection you will see the Basic view of that information or you can look at the Detailed View:

5. If there are errors you will see the message Test completed with Errors, expand the Detailed View to see where the error has occurred *:

* Firewall Configuration for