If portal users are having issues with seeing thumbnails of student devices in the Senso portal from a Chromebook device.  Only needs to be applied to OU's or Containers of users that access the Senso portal, not student OU's or containers.

What is Web RTC in Google Admin Console?

Allows you to add URLs for WebRTC ICE candidates for local IPs. 

Google services call the Chrome API to collect the WebRTC events for customers who have opted in. WebRTC transports data over User Datagram Protocol (UDP).

You must put each URL in a new line. The wildcard character * is allowed.

Patterns you add to this list are matched against the security origin of the requesting URL. If a match is found, the local IP addresses are shown in WebRTC ICE candidates. Otherwise, local IP addresses are concealed with mDNS hostnames.

1. Log into your Google Admin console with an administrator account

Navigate to Devices, Chrome, Settings

2. Then choose Users and Browsers and choose the correct OU or container you would like to make this change too

3. Type in WebRTC in the Search or Add Filter Text box

4. In the area for the WebRTC ICE candidate URLS for local IPs type *senso.cloud and then click SAVE at the top of your Google Admin Console