Collect Developer Logs for Troubleshooting Chromebook Issues

Developer mode has to be enabled in order for logs to be collected from the Chrome client extension. 

Steps to collect and submit Console Logs:

1.  Make sure that Developer Mode has been turned on for the user account you are logging into the Chromebook with.

2.  In the Chrome Browser, click on the 3 Dots for Customize and Control Google Chrome options

3. Then choose More Tools and then Extensions

4. In the Extensions areas, check to make sure Developer mode is activated then find and click on the background.html link in the client extension box*

* if the link is not listed in the Inspect Views area of the extension page, choose Details and look for the background.html link in Inspect Views area of the extension details.

5. A dialog box will appear that will contain information to be saved and submitted with your ticket.

Choose the Tab at the top listed as Console then select the All Levels pull down menu and turn on Verbose.

6. Replicate the error that has occurred so the information will appear in the console area.

7.  Right click in the white area and choose Save As and save the logs in your Cloud folder to attach to your support ticket.