Please read Setting Up Senso Toolbar first.

Users can report concerns as known users or anonymous users with text and a screenshot.

After the policy has been set up you will see the toolbar appear on the devices.

Click on the  Report Concern report button.

This will open a window for users to report a concern on.

On this window the user has the option to enter a description into the text box. They can take a Screen Capture by clicking on the Capture Screen button.

If the user has multiple monitors, they can select what monitor the screenshot is taken on by selecting the device. They have the option to send anonymously in case the report has sensitive information that the user does not want related to them.

Users can also select to send to a specific user, the following settings would need to be set up for the role/user for their name to be displayed in the raise concern box

To send the report, click on the "Send Report" button in the bottom right of the window.

To see the reports. Go to the Admin Center by clicking on the in the top left of your portal.

On the left hand side you will see a tab called Concern Reports

When you click on this you will see the reports that have been created. It will show a screenshot (if one was taken), the date and time, the site, the device, and the user.

* (For customers using the My Concern Integration, My Concern is a seperate option than Concern Report)*   You also have the option to report it to MyConcern by clicking on the drop down at the end of the report and selecting MyConcern. See MyConcern-Setting Up and MyConcern-Reporting Violations for more information.