Use this article to setup users to be able to view Teams Chat Monitoring.


1. Make sure How to Setup Microsoft Teams Chat Monitoring has been completed.

2. You must be an Organisation Admin or be setup with permissions to edit and amend Roles within Senso.


1. Go to the Admin Center in the Senso Console.

2. Go to Console Users then Manage Roles.

3. You can either create a new Role or Edit a Current Role. (To learn more about creating roles, please go to Creating Roles).

4. Click on the Permissions Tab.

5. To give access to Teams Chat Monitoring logs, you will need to give the following 2 permissions as a minimum:

  • View Admin Centre
  • View Teams Logs

The is also an optional setting "View Teams Log Chat Transcript". This gives the permission to Download the chat transcripts of a conversation for any violations that have occurred.

If you have multiple sites with different users requiring access to their site only , when creating the role we suggest you use "User Assigned Sites" as this will take the site permission from the user account allowing a single role to be allocated to multiple users: (Please see our recommendation on a "default" role Here)

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