Check your internet connection:

  • On the client device open a web browser. 
  • Browse to to confirm that the client has a working internet connection.
  • If the website fails to load please check the internet connectivity on the client, if the site loads correctly please proceed to the next step.

Add Firewall rules:

  • Follow the guide on configuring your firewall to make sure that it's not preventing your clients from connecting

Check the time and date on the client:

If the time and date on the client is incorrect (often caused by a flat BIOS battery), the client could experience issues authenticating and won't connect to the portal.

  • Check the time and date in the bottom right of the screen is showing the correct time and date.
  • If the time or date is incorrect set it correctly.
  • Stop the service Senso.Cloud.Service for at least 30 seconds.
  • Start the service Senso.Cloud.Service.

Check the License.key file is not named License.key.txt

For Windows 10, Open File Explorer, View tab, Check "File name extensions"
  • Verify the file name is License.Key and not License.Key.txt
  • If needed rename file to License.Key
  • Stop the service Senso.Cloud.Service for at least 30 seconds
  • Start the service Senso.Cloud.Service
  • Check if the device is showing as unassigned

Check if the device is showing as unassigned:
  • Log into as an administrator.
  • Click the Admin Center gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the toolbar.
  • Click Devices from the menu bar along the left-hand side of the console
  • Find your device.  Don't forget you can use the search box located at the top-right of the window.
  • Select the checkbox to the left of the device name
  • From within the Devices window menu bar, select the "Assign Selected To" drop-down and select your organization
  • Click the save button to the right of the drop-down button above

Verify you have the correct license key:

  • Open the license file with text editor  (C:\Program Files\Renato\\license.key)
  • Verify your license key is correct.
  • Remove any extra white spaces from the file.
  • After "Saving" the file
  • Reboot the device

Reset your Security Certificate:

  • Open Task Manager and stop the Senso.Cloud.Service. You will also need to check the “Details” tab of Task Manager and wait for the senso.client applications to unload itself.
  • Delete the following file “C:\Program Files\Renato\\mycomputername.cer”
  • Restart the Senso.Cloud.Service
  • Open web management console, Devices
  • Search for your device name and trust it.